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Photos were taken by a Canon DSLR and lightly edited using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. I began this project of documentation with permission from the Physical Anthropology Department at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

I wanted to show what a biomedical artist does from introduction to the subject for the project, research needed to further understand and back up visual decisions, sketching, photos for documentation and even an X-ray showing the abnormally thick skull this man had. It was meant to show the age and medical knowledge of this man from the early 1900s. He had Paget's disease and a doctor who was very thorough in documenting its progression. The medical file itself was a treasure to read through. It makes me proud how far we have advanced in just 100 years.

It was then suspended by wire and for a gallery show taking place at the now demolished Future Center at the Cleveland Institute of Art on Euclid Avenue.